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Investment Due Diligence

Investment Due Diligence

ERISA holds fiduciaries to high standards when it comes to making investment selections for retirement plan participants. It is critical that plan sponsors and fiduciaries have a well documented process in place for the selection and monitoring of investment options.

Our Investment Due Diligence Process

The LPL Financial advisors that work for The Lifetime Companies can provide ;you with access to institutional quality proprietary research to effectively evaluate investment line-ups. Our scoring system measures and evaluates investment line-ups utilizing 12 data points measuring style, risk return, peer group and qualitative analyses.

How It Works

How It Works

LPL Financial analysts actively and fund sponsors examine the market to compile precise, up-to-date quarterly investment due diligence reports, including:

  • One-Page Scorecards
  • Platform Due Diligence Books
  • Market Commentary
  • Investment Analysis
  • Expense Ratio Analyzer
  • Blue Ribbon & Watch Lists
  • Pertinent Market Analysis Exhibits

These resources demonstrate our commitment to providing our retirement plan advisors with institutional quality research, broad coverage, and accurate and timely information. Performing this level of analysis is necessary in addressing both the Department of Labor guidelines and managing exposure to fiduciary liability.

Benefits To Employers

  • Consistent, timely, reliable research on a quarterly basis
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Documented process consistent with Department of Labor guidelines

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